Release Notes

Premium LMAOBOX development is very active, getting better each version.

24th Mar 2017
  • Changed Aimbot, Triggerbot, Airstuck keys to not trigger when game chat/console is open
  • Fixed a case where 'Reset Conditions Key' woudn't work correctly
  • Fixed radar icon team glow aligment to be properly visible with all class icons
22nd Mar 2017
  • Fixed 'Wait for charge' to work correctly with active mannpower runes
13th Mar 2017
  • Added Colored Models draw modes - Always - When Visible - When Invisible
  • Fixed Glow not working together with Colored Models
  • Fixed a memory leak introduced in previous update
  • Fixed a bug which prevented 'name' cvar from being changed manually
6th Mar 2017
  • Fixed a case where the 'Ignore Vaccinator Uber' option woudn't work properly
  • Fixed 'Wait for charge' option to work on sentries
4th Mar 2017
  • Added "Sourcemod Anticheat" detection/warning feature
3rd Mar 2017
  • Added "Unlock Achievements Items" feature
  • Added 'Reset Conditions Key' feature for resetting character conditions like taunting, afterburn, bleeding, etc...
  • Additional fixes for lmaobox menu and ESP to work anywhere ingame and on all custom HUDs
28th Feb 2017
  • Added color options for Bone ESP
  • Fixed lmaobox menu not drawing with specific game menus opened (lobby, backpack, etc.)
24th Feb 2017
  • Changed Ubercharge ESP to work with Vaccinator. Ubercharge warning is shown if ubercharge is active with resistence type matching your current weapon
20th Feb 2017
  • Fixed slight Aimbot delay in some specific situations
  • Changed Auto-Zoom to not zoom-in if noscope shoot is enough to kill the target
15th Feb 2017
  • Added option to block server welcome messages (No MOTD)
  • Fixed nozoom not working randomly
13th Feb 2017
  • Fixed loader to inject into last spawned game instance
10th Feb 2017
  • Added option to load custom scripts\items\items_game.txt
  • Added "Nospread" support for Grenade/Sticky Launcher.
  • Added "No Zoom" option which removes zoom-in effect without affecting headshooting ability.
  • Added option for custom Team Colors used for ESP/Radar/Visuals.
  • Added option for custom Menu color.
  • Added option to copy your casual/comp lobby invite link into your system clipboard.
  • Added 3D ESP box for players and same box options for buildings.
  • Added additional chat spam options.
  • Fixed "Aim Stickies" option being applied to sniper rifle.
  • Fixed "Spread: Max distance" option being applied to some projectile weapons.
  • Fixed "Auto Disguise" trying to re-disguise after using Grappling Hook.
  • Fixed "Air stuck" local camera jiterring.
  • Fixed crash caused by snow flakes of zero size.
18th Dec 2016
  • Added Wallhack mode for player models
  • Added 'No Scope' for Sniper rifle
  • Added 'No Hands' visual
  • Added 'Wait for charge' support for Bow
  • Fixed Radar not displaying items that are out of field of view
  • Fixed Colored Models texture not being applied properly
3rd Dec 2016
  • Fixed Aimbot for 'Panic Attack' shotgun
  • Changed SpyCam 'Enemy Mode' to only display screen of enemies
  • Changed SpyCam 'Enemy Mode' to respect priority settings set in Playerlist
  • Changed Auto Voting to vote 'no' if kick was called on player marked as Friend
28th Nov 2016
  • Added Airstuck hold/toggle key
  • Fixed 'Weapon chooser' option to only work when Follow bot is enabled
  • Tweaked menu options highlighting
1st Nov 2016
  • Added aimbot option to ignore ubercharged players with Vaccinator
8th Sep 2016
  • Added back Airstuck option
  • Added Viewangles ESP option
  • Fixed flicking issue with Aim Assistance
17th Aug 2016
  • Added Radar option to display teammates with team colored background
  • Changed Aim Fov to cover same screen size when zooming in with Sniper rifle.
  • Changed Auto Uber detection algoritm and added option to disable it
  • Fixed Engineer not being able to move buildings with Spinbot active
10th Aug 2016
  • Added 'Auto Zoom' option for Sniper Rifle
  • Added option to change Spinbot spinning direction
  • Changed 'Health' priority when using Medigun Aimbot to be able to heal multiple targets equally
  • Fixed another cases of incorrect damage calculation
31st Jul 2016
  • Added Medigun Aimbot
  • Added Colored Models (Chams)
  • Added Auto Voting
  • Added Follow Bot
  • Fixed incorrect damage resistance calculation on heavies
16th Jul 2016
  • Added Auto Detonator
  • Added option for Auto Airblast to ignore small/big projectiles
  • Added option for Aimbot to prioritize medic enemies
  • Improved Aimbot accuracy when using Grenade Launcher
  • Fixed ESP not working with some custom game HUDs
27th May 2016
22nd Mar 2016
  • Added Aim Assistance mode for Aimbot
  • Fixed Norecoil not working in some situations
  • Fixed Airblast trying to airblast the Cow Mangler
14th Mar 2016
  • Added ESP option to always draw Aimbot FOV Range
  • Added Aimbot options to target all Engineer's buildings
  • Added Anti-AFK feature which prevents you from getting kicked when being idle
  • Added two new modes for Name Stealer
  • Fixed Projectile Aimbot to work with Wrap Assassin
  • Fixed Auto Backstab to match server's checking code
27th Jan 2016
  • Added 'Ignore Taunting Players' option for Aimbot
  • Fixed Projectile Aimbot gravity compensation being incorrect for some weapons
  • Improved Trigger Shoot performance with Auto reload enabled
17th Jan 2016
  • Added extra config slots
  • Added more ESP fonts
  • Fixed FoV cicle size being incorrect in some cases
  • Fixed Triggershoot not shooting in some cases
  • Fixed Autoairblast 'Rage mode' airblasting projectiles in a wrong direction
29th Nov 2015
  • Reworked Playerlist:
  • * Clicking on player's name in playerlist now changes player's ESP color
  • * Players are now grouped into teams
  • * Playerlist can now be disabled in Misc tab
  • Added "Copy selected config" button into Config tab
30th Oct 2015
  • Added generic 'Halloween Item' ESP
  • Changed NPC ESP option to draw ESP on Merasmus, Horsemann, MvM Tank, etc.
6th Oct 2015
  • Improved projectile Aimbot for Rocket Launcher
  • Changed Autoshoot to use Sandman's secondary attack
  • Changed Radar to draw spy icon darker if is spy cloaked
  • Fixed Radar not drawing enemy sentries when Sentry ESP is on
  • Fixed game crash related to Bonk/CritaCola
30th Sep 2015
  • Projectile Aimbot now works correctly on custom servers (x10 etc.)
  • Added 'Wait for charge' support to Loose Cannon for Donk 2x! effect
  • Fixed 'Wait for charge' option not working correctly in some situations
  • Changed Aimbot to always target jarated, milked, burning and bleeding spy
1st Sep 2015
  • Added option for Auto-Backstab to ignore players with Razorback
  • Added Keybind option to switch to specific lmaobox config
  • Fixed some cases where Aimbot woudn't compensate weapon recoil
  • Fixed a game crash after changing video settings
  • Fixed Triggershoot being inaccurate in some cases with Triggershoot Delay enabled
24th Jul 2015
  • Added "Max Distance" option for inaccure weapons, set this value to reasonable distance, more info.
14th Jul 2015
  • Enabled Aimbot for Short Circuit
  • Fixed Airblast not working with Short Circuit
  • Fixed Glow option "Health" not working on enemy players and sentries
3rd Jul 2015
  • Fixed some features not working after today's game update
  • Replaced "Dropped weapons" ESP with "Dropped ammo" ESP
25th Jun 2015
  • Fixed several Config selector bugs and crashes
22nd Jun 2015
  • Increased stickybomb priority
  • Disabled Aimbot on weapons with 100% damage penalty
  • Changed Fakelag to not delay weapon shooting
  • Fixed issues with Ambassador's body part selection
  • Fixed Triggershoot body part selection
  • Fixed Radar not working with ESP disabled
4th Jun 2015
16th Apr 2015
  • Fixed Weapon ESP causing game to crash
  • Changed Aimbot to not shoot when bonked or stunned.(*)
10th Apr 2015
  • Fixed missing Powerup ESP (*)
  • Fixed Grapple hook not working properly with Spinbot (*)
  • RIP Winter.
13th Feb 2015
  • Loader hotfix for -1000 error code after this week's Windows updates
10th Feb 2015
  • Added Power Ups ESP
  • Added Bones ESP
  • Added Dropped Weapons ESP
  • Fixed Aimbot targeting ubered players in Mannpower
  • Minor bugfixes and performance improvements
23rd Dec 2014
  • Added Spy Camera with various settings
  • Added Auto Strafe
  • Added Duck Jump
  • Snow.
9th Dec 2014
  • Ducks. Ducks esp. Hell yeah.
21st Nov 2014
  • Fixed minor issues with Melee and Wrangler Aimbot
  • Fixed Wrangler Aimbot autoshooting even when sentry had no ammo
  • Fixed Wrangler Aimbot not firing rockets
  • Fixed several minor issues with Cheat Menu
24th Oct 2014
  • Fixed some crashing issues
23rd Oct 2014
  • Added 'Halloween Gift' esp option
12th Oct 2014
  • Added player list. You can now set Aimbot to ignore or have higher priority on selected players.
  • Added list of a few servers where we can play together ♥
4th Oct 2014
  • Changed The Hitman's Heatmaker Auto Aim Position logic to respect the damage penalty
  • Changed 'Wait for Charge' option to wait a bit more on enemies with Darwin's Danger Shield equiped or healed with Vaccinator (Thanks Lance for testing :3)
30th Sep 2014
  • Corrected Projectile Aimbot prediction on targets with BASE Jumper active
26th Sep 2014
  • Moveable Menus. You can now change position of radar and menus with your mouse
  • Projectile Aimbot - fixed gravity compensation for Loch-n-Load and Loose cannon
7th Sep 2014
  • Added "Hack Menu Key" option (you can now open hack menu with any keyboard key or mouse button)
  • Fixed Aimbot/Triggerbot issues caused by previous update
  • Fixed Thirdperson mode not working after respawn
  • Changed glow effect to use "Friends esp" color on friends
29th Aug 2014
  • Overall improvements to Projectile Aimbot
  • Fixed projectile weapons attempting to destroy stickies with "Aim Stickies" enabled
  • Fixed weapons accuracy for "Silent Aim Spectators"
  • Fixed Aimbot not working properly with Bows when Aim Key set to Mouse1
  • Added option to control Cheat menu with mouse input
  • Fixed nospread not working with certain weapons
  • Removed automatic "Rage Target" selector (Will be replaced with something more accurate)
  • Changed "Classic" to only aim at head when fully charged
  • More Conga fun!
31st Jul 2014
  • Improved accuracy of all Triggerbot features with 'Aim FPS Correction' enabled
18th Jul 2014
  • Improved Silent Aimbot performance
  • Reversed changes of Aim Fov logic
  • Stability and performance improvements
16th Jul 2014
  • Added 'Disguise after backstab' option for Auto Backstab
10th Jul 2014
  • Added option to Aim at Robots
  • Added option to Aim at Sentry Busters
  • Added team colored glow
  • Added option for white ESP font
  • Added Arial font option
  • Fixed Glow causing FPS lag
  • Fixed Autoreload messing with Silent Aim
  • Fixed nospread not working with the Baby Face's Blaster
  • Changed "Stucture" ESP option to show robots
  • Decreased Aimbot priority of Phlog Pyro while taunting
30th Jun 2014
  • Fixed issue where hack settings couldn't be saved correctly
  • Fixed a miscalculation in projectile prediction code
22nd Jun 2014
  • Added support for new Love and War weapons
  • Added 'Aim FPS Correction' which improves Aimbot accuracy on computers with lower performance
18th Jun 2014
  • Fixed Aimkey and MvM Money ESP and other minor issues
12th Jun 2014
  • Fixed some features not working after today's game update
  • Fixed Glow effect not working in some situations
  • Fixed some Aimbot detections on gameservers with SMAC
  • Fixed rare TF2 font loading issue
  • Changed ammo/health ESP option to work with Heavy's sandvich and steak
  • R.I.P. TauntSlide
17th May 2014
  • Fixed crashing after today's game update
15th May 2014
  • Added Infinite Bonk! key bind
  • Fixed SMAC kick/ban issues
8th May 2014
  • Fixed Auto Sticky Detonation not working sometimes
  • Changed Name Steal to work in Spectator mode
  • Minor hack menu changes
7th Apr 2014
  • Added MvM Menu key
  • Added automatic cl_interp setting to improve Auto-Airblast accuracy
  • Fixed Auto-Airblast trying to blast arrows that are in walls
  • Fixed weapon damage calculation on servers with tf_damage_disablespread
  • Fixed Structure ESP option not working properly in some situations
16th Mar 2014
  • Fixed Aimbot prediction not working with Loose Cannon
  • Fixed MvM Money ESP not drawing in some situations
  • Stability and performance improvements
27th Feb 2014
  • Changed Silent Aim so aimbot is no longer visible during demo playback
  • Changed Health Bar to change to team color on invulnerable targets
  • Fixed Aimbot not shooting through MvM Revive Tombstone
  • Fixed TriggerBot affecting demo recording
20th Feb 2014
  • Added Infinite Bonk!
2nd Feb 2014
  • Added second option for Voicemenu Spam
  • Changed Auto Sticky Detonation to work with any class (for Randomizer servers)
  • Changed Auto Sticky Detonation to ignore Sticky Jumper
  • Changed Medic's Ubercharge ESP to work with any active weapon
  • Fixed Melee Aimbot not working with Silent Aimbot
  • Fixed Nospread not working with Scout's Shortshop
17th Jan 2014
  • Added ability to scroll through menu options by holding arrow keys
  • Added "Big cash" option for some extra upgrade money in MvM
  • Fixed gravity calculation for projectile aimbot
  • Fixed triggerbot ignoring aimbot settings
  • Changed ambassador aim location to "body" when headshot cooldown is still active
  • Changed Sniper and Huntsman to aim at body when "auto" is selected, if a headshot isn't neccessary to kill target
  • Increased priority for medics in MvM to prevent attacking giants first
  • Tweaked airblast minimum distance
30th Dec 2013
  • Fixed Christmas Noisemaker Spam not working
  • Added Achievements Spam
23rd Dec 2013
  • Fixed Minigun Firing speed
  • Fixed smooth aim not working in some situations
  • Increased Radar range
20th Dec 2013
  • Increased priority on snipers while using distance Aimbot priority
  • Changed Aimbot to ignore dead players who were respawned as ghosts
  • Changed Aimbot to ignore MvM sentrybuster which can't be destroyed
  • Changed Aimbot to ignore sticky bombs which are way too far
  • Changed Festive Ambassador to aim at head hitbox
  • Decreased font size of ammo/medkit ESP
  • Added MvM money ESP
  • Added 'Fake Lag' feature (makes you laggy for other players, therefore harder to kill)
  • Added TriggerBot key
  • Added option to use any keyboard key or mouse button with Aimbot and Triggerbot
  • Added bind to F8 which disables lmaobox logo in Main Game Menu (useful when you are recording and such)
5th Dec 2013
  • Added Aimbot Position with Automatic / Head only / Body only options
  • Fixed stability issues
27th Nov 2013
  • Fixed spinbot affecting pipebombs/arrows deployment
  • Fixed Aimbot not shooting through Medic's Shield
  • Fixed Sniper rifle not shooting on full charge while targeting MvM giants
  • Added ESP color to show current Aimbot target
  • Changed Bunnyhop to prevent SMAC detections
  • Changed Autoshoot to work correctly with Smooth Aim
22nd Nov 2013
  • Added missing option to enable/disable Projectile Aimbot
  • Fixed not being able to disable Big Heads mode
9th Nov 2013
  • Fixed hack not working after game update
30th Oct 2013
  • Updated Aimbot to aim at teammates if mp_friendlyfire is set to 1
  • Fixed stability issues
27th Oct 2013
  • Updated Auto Airblast - Engineer's Short Circuit now destroys projectiles
  • Added Thirdperson hack
  • Fixed Mouse2 Aimkey
25th Oct 2013
  • Improved Aimbot/Triggerbot/Airblast accuracy in some situations
  • Bugfixes and performance improvements
21st Oct 2013
  • Added Silent Aim support for people who are spectating you
  • Added partial autoshoot support for Bow, PipebombLauncher and Crossbow
  • Fixed a bug where Sniper Wait For Charge would not wait for minimum charge to kill target with headshot
  • Changed namestealer to not add extra space at the end
  • Changed AutoSticky Detonation to work when it's not active weapon and fixed cause when it wasn't detonating fast enough
  • Fixed Rage Target option not working
6th Oct 2013
  • Added multiple options for Auto-Airblast - Off/Legit/Rage - with Rage you don't need to aim
  • Added Wrangler aimbot
  • Added range limit for The Short Circuit
  • Removed delay between shooting stickies
  • Rocket Launcher now targets body if target isn't on ground
20th Sep 2013
  • Increased Auto Airblast range
  • Added Auto Sticky Detonation
11th Sep 2013
  • Fixed collision detection in Projectile Aimbot code
  • Stability and performance improvements
28th Aug 2013
  • Fixed crash after today's game update
26th Aug 2013
  • Changed 'clean screnshots' feature to hide glow effect from players
  • Improved Projectile Aimbot, corrected gravity calculation and target dropspot
  • Stability improvements
14th Aug 2013
  • Released new loader for more security and stability
  • Improved range check for Airblast
  • Some small graphical changes
  • Other minor stuff I have changed since the last changelog but I don't recall
11th July 2013
  • Fixed Aimbot after latest game update.
3rd July 2013
  • Improved Auto-Backstab check
  • Changed Aimbot to aim only when is weapon able to shoot
  • Changed Triggerbot to use Aimbot's filters ( Ignore Friends/Disquised/etc. )
30th June 2013
  • Proper latency compensation for Auto-Airblast
  • Changed Radar to draw Rockets (useful in dodgeball)
  • Fixed Radar jittering
  • Added option to disable Ammo/Medkit esp
  • Changed Huntsman to aim at head
  • Changed Rocket Launcher to aim at foots
  • Improved stability on modded servers
20th June 2013
  • Fixed issue with norecoil option not working in some situations
  • Fixed airblast prediction using inaccurate variables
  • Added support for more projectile weapons
  • Added melee range check for triggerbot, disabled triggerbot for Spy's Knife
14th June 2013
  • Added Aimbot option for next target selection priority based on distance to enemy, distance from crosshair and enemy health.
  • Minor BOX ESP changes
7th June 2013
  • Changed cl_interp so it can be changed when playing.
    ( http://teamfortress.tv/forum/thread/8712-interp-toggle-exploit )
31st May 2013
  • Improved Projectile Aimbot, added support for Huntsman (http://youtu.be/TN5u64SmFN4)
  • Changed Triggerbot to ignore Projectile weapons
  • Changed Aimbot priority for sticky bombs, now it targets Sentries first
25th May 2013
  • Added better BOX ESP
  • Changed ESP text position to fit the BOX ESP
  • Added Center ESP option for those who don't want to use BOX ESP style
  • Added HP Bar option for Health ESP
  • Tweaked minimal Airblast trigger distance
  • Fixed autoshoot shooting with minigun while having no ammo
  • Fixed BONK! triggering aimbot
  • Added Taunt Slide option
14th May 2013
  • Fixed hack to work after today's game update
  • Fixed spinbot to make it work with airblast
  • Tweaked the Box ESP
  • Fixed nonzoomed sniper only aiming at head
  • Infinite BONK! is now activated even after weapon switch
9th May 2013
  • Fixed aimbot's priority for heavy being too high in MvM
  • Changed Infinite Bonk! feature to be able to taunt
  • Infinite Uber feature now works with Kritzkrieg
7th May 2013
  • Fixed crash related to radar
  • Removed dependency on some Windows libraries
  • Changed Rage Bot option to show names instead of numbers
5th May 2013
  • Added Infinite Bonk! feature
  • Added whole new Auto-Airblast method
  • Added two new Aimbot options for Sniper Rifle
  • Added UTF8 support for Name ESP
  • Changed menu to make it working while not connected to any server
Build 1.5 Milestone
  • Removed watermark
  • Added noisemaker
  • Added velocity prediction
  • Added ping-mask
  • Added FoV and smooth aimbot options for legit gameplay
  • Added Basic projectile aimbot
  • Added auto-airblast
  • Improved spinbot to spin in both X and Y axes
  • Improved triggerbot accuracy
  • Rewrited menu with more options and submenus support
  • Changed chat spam to be disabled by default
  • Aimbot:
  • Players now have priority over Sentries and Stickies
  • Player priorities are based on the distancy (nearest first)
  • Hackers (marked with yellow esp) do have top aimbot priority, use 'rage bot' option to mark those players
  • Improved accuracy while speedhacking
  • Visuals:
  • Added simple box ESP
  • Added steam id ESP
  • Fixed glow to not be shown on screenshots while having 'clean screenshots' enabled
  • Fixed esp being stucked in top-left corner in some situations