Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What features are included? Does it have this and that ?

    A: All features listed here https://lmaobox.net/features are included and working. Also working in Mann vs. Machine gamemode.

  • Q: I have lost the email with my lmaobox download. How do I get it back?

    A: Use https://lmaobox.net/resend to get it again.

  • Q: How much does lmaobox cost? Do I have to pay every month?

    A: Lmaobox costs only $20 USD. After you pay once you can keep it forever.

  • Q: How long do I have to wait for my lmaobox after I pay?

    A: It only takes a few seconds. You will receive lmaobox automatically to your email address.

  • Q: How do I keep lmaobox updated after I downloaded it?

    A: Lmaobox updates automatically. Update notes are posted on https://lmaobox.net/changelog

  • Q: Can I pay with paysafecard, credit, items, etc. ?

    A: I use Paypal but Paypal account isn't needed, you can pay directly with credit, debit card and bank account. For Paysafecard, Webmoney, Qiwi and other method of payments please contact our resellers.

  • Q: Can I use lmaobox on my main game account?

    A: You can use lmaobox on any game account.

  • Q: Can I share my lmaobox with friends?

    A: You are not allowed to share your lmaobox with other people.

  • Q: Is lmaobox VAC undetectable?

    A: It is currently undetected. Anyway it could get detected in the future. Use lmaobox with caution, preferably on a throw away account.

  • Q: Can I purchase a copy for my friend or for different email?

    A: Yes. You can use https://lmaobox.net/gift to create lmaobox account with the email address of your choice.

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