Terms of Service (Privacy Question, Refunds Policy)

1. Privacy Question

I want this community to operate long-term so it is important that our users doesn't have to worry about their privacy.
We only store the minimum amount of data that are required for this service to operate - your email address, strong password hash and last used IP address (so we can moderate the forum).

* Loader stores hardware-id which is hash of random data that doesn't tell us anything about you

* We never store your password. We responsibly store only its hash.

2. Refunds Policy

We are providing refunds in two cases:

A. If a technical issue caused by a fault from our side is preventing you from using the software and we are unable to fix the issue we will provide refund.

B. If you purchased the software by mistake or purchased to a wrong email address we will provide refund if the purchase is not older than 14 days. This doesn't apply if you already downloaded the software.

For refund requests email us to admin@lmaobox.net. Opening Paypal dispute could automatically disable your lmaobox account.